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Anyone looking for New York Spas should know that it is not just about the body wraps and facials, although they are wonderful treatments to receive, not to mention relaxing. There is an array of medical procedures to enhance beauty at some New York Spas. Now, New York Spas are not just about relaxation, now they have beautification processes such as permanent make-up, scar removal, cellulite removal, as well as laser hair removal. You can find a beauty enhancing procedure for almost anything you could possibly want.

At some New York Spas, you can find a permanent make-up procedure for eyebrows, lip liner, eye liner, and permanent beauty marks. The licensed estheticians at New York Spas will first use a topical anesthesia that will numb the area for over half an hour. Then, needles are used to insert pigment into your skin that leaves the appearance of make-up. It is actually similar to having a tattoo, but you do not feel as much pain due to the topical anesthesia. It is a little discomforting, and the permanent make-up will need touch ups, so you will need to set up another appointment at the New York Spas, but you save time by not needing to put on make-up when you wake up, as well as saving money on the make up you no longer need to buy. Also, there is permanent make-up for men, so even the guys can enhance their appearances.

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This same procedure is also what is used to create permanent beauty marks. There was a point where it was popular to have the upper side of your lip pierced with a stud. This piercing represented the beauty marks that Madonna has and Marilyn Monroe had. Now, instead of piercing your skin, you can have the mark itself there. Ask one of the New York Spas personnel and they will counsel you on the permanent make-up procedure, and you can have that beauty mark that draws attention to your luscious lips and makes you look completely kissable.

Another procedure found at New York Spas is scar removal. It does require multiple trips, but your scars appearance will be minimized and you no longer will feel self conscious about it. You will want to avoid tanning for several days before and after your treatment as well as avoid putting make-up or lotions, with the exception of a SPF 30 sun block, on the treated area. Also, you will want to avoid taking antibiotics three weeks before the treatments. The licensed professional at the spa will alert you of any other concerns, and as with a medical visit, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask.

Many New York Spas offer cellulite removal as well as laser hair removal. Now you can have smooth and silky arms and legs with out needing to diet or wax. Some of the same New York Spas will also offer a procedure that helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, so your skin can look smooth and flawless.